Elizabeth Warren

Remarks at a United Steelworkers Rally - June 11, 2018

Elizabeth Warren
June 11, 2018— Washington DC
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Good morning steel workers! I thought about it when I got up this morning, I thought it's like going out to be with family, and I learned my lessons at home from working people and the lesson I learned from my oldest brother is we honor our promises to our military. We honor our retirees, we protect our pensions, we protect Social Security. So these are hard times right now. We have a Supreme Court that has been stolen by corporate interests. We know the payoff they're looking for with this Janus opinion just being the front end of crushing working people so they can improve corporate profits. This Congress gave away a trillion and a half dollars to billionaires and giant multinational corporations. This is about making government work for us. They've got the advantages of money, but you know what we got? There's a lot more of us than there is of them. They say money talks well I say we talk louder. So are you ready to get out there today and do a little talking? It is an honor to be here with you an honor to fight alongside you every step of the way. God bless you.