Gina Raimondo

Primary Victory Speech - September 12, 2018

Gina Raimondo
September 12, 2018— Providence, Rhode Island
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Hey everybody! … First and foremost, I want to say thank you, many, many, many, many thank yous. We knew when we started this it wouldn’t be easy because change is hard, and we've been bringing change since we got into office so we knew it would be tough, but we did it. We did it, so thank you. So first and foremost, a few thank yous. The very first big thank you goes to the people of Rhode Island. Thank you. Thank you to my fellow Rhode Islanders for coming out today in big numbers and for once again to trust in your support and confidence in me I'm going to continue to rock my heart out for you. Thank you thank you. The second thank you has to go to the people on my left and my right, my completely amazing, loving, supportive family, starting with my mother, my fabulous husband, Randy, my beautiful daughter Cece and of course … My campaign team, you guys are unbelievable. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. I have to say, for all the volunteers, we had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of volunteers and full-time campaign staff knocking doors and calling people. I knew today the turning point for me when I had the confidence to know we were to go over the top, I was walking down the street in Providence and I saw a young woman all bundled up in a slicker in the pouring, driving rain and I said you know how are you? You okay? And she said oh yeah I’m knocking on doors for you…. A volunteer who took off a day of work to knock on doors in the driving rain, every single one of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t make everyone be here tonight. I have to thank John Blair my campaign manager, and I have to thank my right hand man David Ortiz. I also wanna acknowledge for both of them very gracious to both Matt and Spencer, you know good for you for getting it up there. I admire anybody to put their name on the ballot and you brought to light many good ideas and concerns of Rhode Islanders, so tomorrow we begin as a team and tonight we salute you for a great effort so give them a round of applause. You know what I said I think said so many times, a few years ago Rhode Island wasn’t such a great place. High unemployment rate, one of the highest in the country, roads falling apart, schools falling down, we had stopped investing and people were hungry for change, and so we've been working as fast as we can to bring that change and tonight the people of Rhode Island have said do more, go faster, and keep going. …my daughter said hey right you know this means get up tomorrow work even harder. You know my friends that’s the size of it because November is around the corner okay November is around the corner, and I want you to know I fired up, I'm gonna get up early tomorrow morning and get back at it because we got a real race ahead of us, we have a real race ahead of us and we know what that is. Now we know our opponent, it’s Allan Fung and we know two things about Allan Fung. Number one, he opposes the job creation policies of my administration that had created over 20,000 jobs, and we know you know he’s not gonna have the courage to stand up to President Trump who wants to take away our healthcare and drill off the coast of Rhode Island for oil and we know that we're Rhode Islanders are craving change and they're not gonna vote for political insiders so we’re gonna party tonight, we're gonna say thank you for all of our supporters for getting out there some of us have been on all day to dry our shoes, so we're ready to play our walking shoes back on tomorrow and get back out there and knock on doors. Four more years… we’re gonna get it done, so to all of you I just want to say thank you.