MJ Hegar

Like a Girl - Nov. 2, 2018

MJ Hegar
November 02, 2018
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Campaign status: Lost

HEGAR: Congressman Carter. I'm MJ Hegar. You know, the "lady" you're "at war with?" Well, respectfully, Congressman, you don't know sh** about war. I did three yours in Afghanistan and I'm here to tell you that a campaign is a discussion about issues, but then again, it seems you're afraid of that too. You refuse to debate me, you haven't held a public town hall with your constituents in over 5 years - what exactly are you afraid will happen, Congressman? Are you afraid that we'll ask you questions about your voting record to gut healthcare protections for people with pre-existing conditions? Your vote against the Violence Against Women Act? Your billion-dollar tax breaks for your big donors? Or are you just afraid you'll lose to a girl? I approve this message because, for now, this is still your job, and we're still waiting on these answers.