Mia Love

Mia Fights for Us - Sept. 13, 2018

Mia Love
September 13, 2018
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Campaign status: Lost

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Mia Love is a fighter.

MAYOR BILL APPLEGARTH: Mia has done an exceptional job.

FRED LAMPROPOULOS: Mia is sincere.

RYAN WHITE: Genuine.

BRENT GINES: Straight shooter.

SANDRA WEBB: Bipartisan.

TARA DIMOH: She cares about people.

LAMPROPOULOS: Mia has worked very hard to protect jobs in Utah and the country.

SUSAN PULSIPHER: She cares about every student. She cares about making sure our schools have local control.

WEBB: Mia is fighting for us and all veterans' families.

DIMOH: I usually vote Democrat but this year I'm voting for Mia Love.

DAVE PURINTON: I support Mia Love for Congress.

PULSIPHER: I support Mia Love.

LOVE: I'm Mia Love and I approve this message.