Susan Hutchison

Cantwell Extreme - Oct. 12, 2018

Susan Hutchison
October 12, 2018
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Campaign status: Lost

HUTCHISON: I'm Susan Hutchison and I approve this message.

ANNOUNCER 1: After 18 years in DC, Senator Cantwell has been too extreme for too long. Rated the second worst senator to work for…

ANNOUNCER 2: How can we trust Cantwell to work for us?

ANNOUNCER 1: We can't.

ANNOUNCER 2: Smoke-filled rooms.

ANNOUNCER 1: Taking big money from big-shot lobbyists and DC insiders.

ANNOUNCER 2: Smoke-filled skies.

ANNOUNCER 1: Blocking the bipartisan plan to fight forest fires, stopping common-sense legislation in favor of Seattle special interests – that's extreme. That's Cantwell.