Jane Raybould

Tariffs - Sept. 12, 2018

Jane Raybould
September 12, 2018
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Campaign status: Lost

ANNOUNCER: Here in Nebraska, some things are certain – corn is knee-high by the Fourth of July, Memorial Stadium the third biggest city, and politicians not telling us the truth, like Senator Fisher's claim she supported a bill to end tariffs that's causing a Washington-made farm crisis – except she didn't. Fischer voted against the bill. Farmers and ranchers across Nebraska know the truth.

BEN STEFFEN: I'm frustrated. Senator Fischer promised farmers a lot, but she's failing to lead in Washington, making it even harder this year to make a living. I'm a lifelong Republican, but Senator Fisher's lost my vote.

ANNOUNCER: Bart Ruth, former American Soybean Association president, Rising City, Nebraska.

BART RUTH: Nebraska farmers are outraged that Washington is putting our hard-earned international markets at risk. Senator Fischer promised that she'd look out for us, but her votes are sinking Nebraska. This time I'm voting for Jane Raybould.

RAYBOULD: I'm Jane Raybould and I approve this message, because I'll always put Nebraska first.