Tina Smith

HeadStart - October 19, 2018

Tina Smith
October 19, 2018— Minnesota
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Campaign status: Won

TUCKNER: As a teacher, I want to see all of my kids succeed. There are careers out there that pay well, they just need the skills to pursue them.

SEIBERT: Having a teacher with real-world experience kind of gave me a leg up, so I think Tina Smith really understands the importance of better Career and Technical Education.

TUCKNER: The law she just passed lets more people with real-world experience come in and teach in the classroom.

SEIBERT: I would say that the benefit of having all this experience, I could actually go out make a career.

TUCKNER: Tina is getting it done for our kids’ future.

SMITH: I'm Tina Smith and I approve this message.