Christine Hallquist

VOTE - November 3, 2018

Christine Hallquist
November 03, 2018— Vermont
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Campaign status: Lost

VARIOUS ENDORSEMENTS: Christine hawkers would be an excellent governor. I am proud to endorse Christine. She gets the best minds around her gets the best experience. Christine has the knowledge and experience to grow our economy. Under her leadership we controlled costs and we improved the company. Christine worked to make her electric co-op a leader in fighting climate change and she did it without raising rates from the last five years. Christine Hallquist understands fiscal responsibility it will be a good caretaker of taxpayer dollars. She's respectful, cooperative and she knows the issues. Christine is talking about the things that matter to us at Vermont. Christie's got a vision for the state. We need a governor who is gonna sign legislation for a $15 an hour minimum wage. She’ll support our children by defending our public schools and most importantly she has the courage to lead. And she'll work together to make Vermont the kind of place where my kids want to stay and their kids want to stay. Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Christine Hollis for governor.

HALLQUIST: I'm Christine Hallquist and I approve this message.