Kim Reynolds

Keep Iowa Moving! - October 22, 2018

Kim Reynolds
October 22, 2018— Iowa
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Campaign status: Won

REYNOLDS: It is an amazing honor to have the opportunity to serve you as the 43rd Governor of this great state. I am a fifth generation Iowan, and I chose to live, work, and raise our family in a state I love. A state where if you work hard and dream big, absolutely anything, anything is possible. I want you to know I’m going to keep fighting for Iowans in a state I love and I can guarantee you that Fred is going to keep fighting to take this state backwards. We need to stay motivated. We need to stay engaged. I need your vote. The Republican team needs your vote. I need you voting early. Vote absentee. Take a friend to the polls on Election Day. Make these last weeks count. Make extra phone calls. Knock doors. Talk to a neighbor who doesn’t normally vote. If we show up, we win. So because of you, we’re going to win this election! Because of you, we’re going to keep Iowa moving!