Melissa Davis

Fighting for our Families - May 12, 2018

Melissa Davis
May 12, 2018— Georgia
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Campaign status: Lost

DAVIS: I am from Dillion, South Carolina. In Dillion, people cared about one another. My mom, she worked hard as a waitress, she was a single parent, and while she tried to provide for the family making less than minimum wage, we had neighbors to cart us to school or to band practice. That’s what I believe we’re missing today. People are so concerned about themselves, and I believe we need to get back to being concerned about our neighbors, understanding what their needs are because someone fought for me and I am a person who came from a small town, but we knew each other, we helped each other, we loved one another. And that’s what I know, that’s who I am, and that’s the type of representative that I will be for the 7th Congressional District. On May 22nd, vote for me. I will fight for you the same way the community in which I grew up fought for me. I am Melissa Davis and I approve this message.