Mary Matiella

Ven a conocer a Mary Matiella - April 18, 2018

Mary Matiella
April 18, 2018— Arizona
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Campaign status: Lost

MATIELLA: (English Translations) My parents were farm workers. They picked cotton. I grew up in Tucson. Here, I attended the University of Arizona where I graduated with a Masters in Business. President Barack Obama offered me a job with the U.S. Army where I managed more than $240 billion. I held that job for 4 years. Then, I came back to Tucson. Here is where I grew up, here is where my family was, and here is where my heart is. I came to Tucson to support the people here. I am a part of this community; I want to help the community. I am listening to what YOU want. If I win, I will be the first Hispanic woman in the State of Arizona to hold this position in Congress. Please vote for me. I will fight for you.