Mary Matiella

Income Inequality - October 19, 2017

Mary Matiella
October 19, 2017— Arizona
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Campaign status: Lost

MATIELLA: Trump's tax plan is simple, the rich pay less and we pay more. If we let him, President Trump is going to turn this country into something we don't recognize anymore. Instead of helping people move forward, Trump is going to destroy the middle class that built this country. When Trump and the Republicans talk about reforming the tax code, they're not doing it to help us, they're talking about making the rich even richer, and when they cut the corporate tax rate in half, that means that we have to make up the difference. He doesn't care if it means that it's harder to retire, he doesn't care if there's not enough money to fund college in the public schools or if we shortchange Social Security, and if we don't defeat Republicans like Martha McSally, they're going to help him do it.