Beth Lindstrom

Not a Politician - July 8, 2018

Beth Lindstrom
July 08, 2018— Massachusetts
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Campaign status: Lost

ANNOUNCER: In the race for US Senate, one candidate stands out. Beth Lindstrom.

SUPPORTER: Senator Warren is very partisan, she’s insulting to people who disagree with her, Beth Lindstrom knows how to work with others.

ANNOUNCER: Beth Lindstrom will enforce our immigration laws, oppose sanctuary cities, and support stronger border security. Beth Lindstrom supports term limits for members of congress.

SUPPORTERS: Beth Lindstrom is not a politician, and I like that. She’s coming in from the outside to try to fix things. What I like about Beth Lindstrom is that she’s a small business owner, so she has experience running a payroll, she knows the importance of keeping taxes low and regulations to the minimum. To beat someone like Elizabeth Warren, you need a strong woman candidate. That candidate is Beth Lindstrom.

ANNOUNCER: To learn more about Beth Lindstrom, go to and don’t forget to vote in the Massachusetts Republican Primary on September 4th.

SUPPORTER: I love Beth. She’s gonna be an amazing senator.

LINDSTROM: I’m Beth Lindstrom and I’m running for Senate, and I approve this message.

ANNOUNCER: Paid for by Beth Lindstrom for US Senate.