Beth Lindstrom

Diner Ad - August 16, 2018

Beth Lindstrom
August 16, 2018— Massachusetts
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Campaign status: Lost

WOMAN: Good morning, what can I get you?

MAN: A cup of coffee please.

WOMAN: You got it. Anything else?

MAN: Yeah tell me about the Republicans running for the US Senate.

WOMAN: Well there's Jeff Diehl, he's a state Rep.

MAN: What's his record?

WOMAN: When the legislature voted to increase their pay last year, Jeff Diehl came out against it, but after it passed he flip-flopped and took the money.

MAN: Typical politician.

WOMAN: There's also John Kingston.

MAN: What do you know about him?

WOMAN: When Donald Trump was running for president, John Kingston publicly broke with the Republican Party and spent a million dollars of his own money trying to defeat Trump in the election against Hillary Clinton.

MEN: Sounds like John Kingston should be running as a Democrat.

WOMAN: There is a better option: Beth Lindstrom. Beth Lindstrom is a small business owner who understands the economy. Beth Lindstrom is opposed to sanctuary cities. Beth Lindstrom also supports term limits.

MAN: Wow, Beth Lindstrom could actually beat senator Elizabeth Warren. She's got my vote.

WOMAN: Now how about a refill on that coffee.

LINDSTROM: I'm Beth Lindstrom. I'm running for Senate and I approve this message.

ANNOUNCER: Paid for by Beth Lindstrom for US Senate