Ann Kirkpatrick

Daylight - July 19, 2018

Ann Kirkpatrick
July 19, 2018
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Campaign status: Won

NANCY BARBER: We never thought it would happen here.

RON BARBER: And certainly not at a constituent event with Gabby Giffords. Our community did not want to be defined by this tragedy but instead, by our response to it.

NANCY BARBER: There was so much love and support.

RON BARBER: We're working really hard to prevent these tragedies from happening. That's why we're supporting Ann Kirkpatrick for Congress.

NANCY BARBER: Ann's committed to banning assault weapons and passing universal background checks.

RON BARBER: Ann and I agree – we must take action to prevent gun violence.

KIRKPATRICK: I'm Ann Kirkpatrick and I approve this message.