Heidi Heitkamp

Work With Anyone - May 14, 2018

Heidi Heitkamp
May 14, 2018
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Campaign status: Lost

HEITKAMP: This is Heidi Heitkamp, and six years ago I said I'd put partisanship aside and do what's right for North Dakota. Now that meant finding Republicans and Democrats who wanted to get things done, which isn't always easy. But it's how I led the fight to open up markets for North Dakota oil so we could compete with foreign oil. It's how I passed the law getting first responders the training and equipment they needed after the Casselton derailment. And putting politics aside is how we shut down the largest human trafficking website, got tougher penalties for sex trafficking. And it's how I worked with President Trump to get rid of unnecessary EPA regulations. When I agree with the president, I vote with him and that's over half my votes. And if his policies hurt North Dakota, he knows I'll speak up. This is Heidi Heitkamp. I'm running for Senate and I approve this message, because Washington has enough rubber stamps who vote the party line. I only answer to you.