Tammy S Baldwin

Knock - May 7, 2018

Tammy S Baldwin
May 07, 2018
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Campaign status: Won

BALDWIN: I remember what it was like to come home from school and not be able to get into the house. I'd pound on the door, but my mother wouldn't answer. She'd be passed out inside. My mother had a drug abuse problem. She struggled with addiction to prescription drugs her whole life. I had to grow up fast – very fast – so when I see the opioid crisis that's wrecking so many Wisconsin families, all I can tell you is I've been there. I know how hard this fight is. I know the stigma that comes with drug abuse and mental illness. I've worked with Republicans and Democrats to get the funding Wisconsin needs so people have somewhere to turn for help. It's just a start. Fifteen people a week are overdosing in Wisconsin. This is a crisis for our country, and far too many Wisconsin families. I'm Tammy Baldwin, and I approve this message because this fight hits close to home.