Claire McCaskill

Listening - May 7, 2018

Claire McCaskill
May 07, 2018
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Campaign status: Lost

SCREEN TEXT: Would you face a room full of people who disagree with you?

MCCASKILL: Kinda what the job is, right – listening to people.

SCREEN TEXT: Would you do it fifty times?

MCCASKILL: And I've tried to go out of my way to go places where I'm not that popular.

REPORTER 1: Missouri senator Claire McCaskill is hosting public town hall meetings across the state.

REPORTER 1: …all held in counties whose residents are predominantly Republican.

MCCASKILL: I've done around 50 town halls in a year.

REPORTER: …her 50th town hall in 2017.

REPORTERS: [listing Missouri locations]

REPORTER: The senator is logging some Missouri miles.

MCCASKILL: Lots of these folks in these town halls have never and will never vote for me. You know people are going to ask you questions that are not easy to answer. But you know, that's the deal.

REPORTER: She says these town halls enable Missourians to hold her accountable.

MCCASKILL: But the part that's the best for me is listening and figuring out what is really on people's minds. What is going on in their lives? Where I need to get to work. But sometimes something special happens. We find out that there is common ground, and that's really a cool moment. I'm Claire McCaskill and I approve this message.