Kay Ivey

Tough as Nails - May 9, 2018

Kay Ivey
May 09, 2018
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Campaign status: Won

MAN 1: Man, I'm sick of those DC politicians.

MAN 2: Me, too. That's why I like Governor Ivey.

MAN 1: She's honest.

MAN 2: Tough as nails.

MAN 1: Nothing DC about her. She sure cleaned up that Bentley mess.

MAN 2: Protected our monuments.

MAN 1: She's breaking records in jobs creation.

MAN 2: President Trump said Kay Ivey is a great governor.

MAN 1: Well, she knows how to get a bang for her buck. Straight shooter, that Kay Ivey.

MAN 2: Yeah. Puts your aim to shame.

MAN 1: Yeah, look who's talking.