Gina Raimondo

Rhode Island Story - May 31, 2018

Gina Raimondo
May 31, 2018
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Campaign status: Won

RAIMONDO: When people talk about the old Rhode Island, for me it was growing up in a close family. My grandfather was a union meat cutter and my dad worked at the Bulova watch factory until the jobs went overseas, like most of our manufacturing jobs. The other old Rhode Island is more recent. Just four years ago we had the highest unemployment rate in the country and people were struggling. I ran for governor to change things, and we have. With 24 new or expanded major companies and funding for hundreds of small businesses, we've gone from the 36th worst economy to the 9th best in the nation with 15,000 new jobs. Our new job training programs have trained over 3,000 workers so they can get those jobs. And after years of neglect, we finally started rebuilding our roads, bridges and schools. Our job's not done, but what matters most is that we build a new Rhode Island worthy of our past and that brings every family along.