Kyrsten Sinema

Independent - July 11, 2018

Kyrsten Sinema
July 11, 2018— Arizona
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Campaign status: Won

SINEMA: We have the desert in our blood. Arizonans are strong and independent.

ANNOUNCER: Arizona born, Kyrsten Sinema.

SINEMA: We love our country. We're skeptical of our government.

ANNOUNCER: Kyrsten Sinema, a fiercely independent record.

SINEMA: I'm just not afraid to stand alone, to do what's right.

ANNOUNCER: A reputation for working across the aisle.

SINEMA: Forming relationships, identifying common ground, and just getting stuff done.

ANNOUNCER: Independent just like Arizona. Kyrsten Sinema, senate.

SINEMA: I’m Kyrsten Sinema and I approve this message.