Kristi Noem

Slow Dance - May 25, 2018

Kristi Noem
May 25, 2018— South Dakota
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Campaign status: Won

NOEM: Well there's several things people probably don't know about me. I can't swim.

NOEM FAMILY: Put her in the water. Straight down. Six years of swimming lessons. Six years.

NOEM: I still sink like a rock.

NOEM FAMILY: It’s embarrassing

NOEM: And I'm also apparently have become a very bad dancer.

NOEM FAMILY: Terrible.

NOEM: According to my children I do not have that gift.


NOEM: But I can still ride horse I can still shoot a gun so you know what else do you need in the state of South Dakota?

NOEM FAMILY: We encourage you to slow dance Just not by a pool.