Michelle Lujan Grisham

Journey - June 21, 2018

Michelle Lujan Grisham
June 21, 2018— New Mexico
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Campaign status: Won

LUJAN GRISHAM: We were on a train from Santa Fe to Boston when my sister Kimberly began having seizures. I was 6 years old, and that's when I first saw my parent's strength. Kimberly had a malignant brain tumor and they removed a large part of her brain to save her life. It also left her blind, but my parents were determined that she live a normal life and not be institutionalized. My favorite photo is mom showing Kimberly the light. I'm Michelle Lujan-Grisham and I was thought to stand up for those who can't fight for themselves. A part of that comes from a long line of Lujans and Romeros, 12 generations in New Mexico. It was also my mom's work to reform the school for the blind and my father's care for special-needs children. It led me to fight for nursing home reform and a care core initiative to help people with disabilities and seniors like my mom live independently at home. I approve this message for Kimberly.