Katherine “Kate” Brown

For Oregon's Future - September 25, 2017

Katherine “Kate” Brown
September 25, 2017— Oregon
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Campaign status: Won

BROWN: While Washington, DC, falls apart, Oregonians are coming together. In Oregon, we're choosing a different way because we know we have a responsibility to our mothers and our sisters, to our brothers and our fathers, to the people who grow our food and those who make it, to everyone who works hard to provide for their families, to help people take care of their loved ones, to protect our children and provide for their future. As your governor, it's my job to make things better, to stand up to anyone who would take our rights away. We're making progress, growing the economy, protecting clean air and water, and defending health care from Washington politicians. We might not be able to change the entire world, but by working together we can change Oregon's future for the better for all of us.