Catherine Templeton

Conservative Outsider - February 16, 2018

Catherine Templeton
February 16, 2018— South Carolina
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Campaign status: Lost

TEMPLETON: It’s not how it’s done in politics. You don’t go from being a mom to being the governor. Maybe that’s how it should be done in politics. It’s time for people who are actually living under these laws, who’re actually effected by government to be the ones standing there when the decisions are made. I don’t think people in government are uh… I think they’re- I think they’re pure of intent. I think they’re trying, but I don’t think they realize what happens to us when they make the decisions they make. In fact, they don’t ask us. We’re very busy growing our families, growing our businesses, chasing the American Dream, following the rules. We’re too busy to stream live the government and what they’re doing today. And so for someone from the outside to go into the government and say Hold on a minute, little comments here, why are you doing it that way. I just wanna get them out of themselves, get them out of their bubble. I just wanna get ahold of the things that matter to my children, to the community, to my family, all of us. I’m gonna go in, I’m gonna get the job done, and I’m gonna go home.