Catherine Templeton

Message to the Corrupt Good Ol' Boys - November 2, 2017

Catherine Templeton
November 02, 2017— South Carolina
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Campaign status: Lost

TEMPLETON: I'm Catherine Templeton and I've got a loud and clear message for the corrupt good ol’ boys in Columbia, I'm coming for you. This is the house I grew up in, it's where I learned right from wrong. To treat people with respect that public service is about helping others, not getting paid. It's time for the culture of corruption in Columbia to end. I'm a conservative outsider who can't be bought, as governor I won't take a cent to do the job. South Carolina's political insiders have worked the system, lined their pockets, and taken advantage of their positions long enough. That's why, as governor, cleaning up the Capitol and ethics reform will be my top priorities. The days of the corrupt good ol’ boys club are numbered and I won't rest until every last one of you is held accountable.