Stacey Evans

It's Official! - March 20, 2018

Stacey Evans
March 20, 2018— Georgia
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Campaign status: Lost

[Music] EVANS: Today is a big day for me, it's a big day for my family, it’s a big day for Georgia. I started my public service career in the State House. I was married to my husband, Andrew. We had not yet been blessed with a child. We were in it together then and I'm so excited that it's culminated in this day where we officially come into the State Capitol and sign a piece of paper that says I want to put my name on the ballot to run to be the next governor of Georgia. I don't think much about the historic nature of this process, but it is. When you walk around this Capitol building and you look at the pictures on the wall the folks that have held the office of governor before, they don't look like me. This is a historic opportunity to elect the first female governor of the state of Georgia, and for me it carries special significance because I am only here today in this capacity because of the opportunity through the HOPE Scholarship program.

EVANS' DAUGHTER: Stacey Evans for Governor.