Jane Raybould

Angry - February 24, 2018

Jane Raybould
February 24, 2018
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Campaign status: Lost

Like so many parents across Nebraska, I'm angry our kids are dying in our schools and Washington is so broken the politicians aren't doing anything about it. Enough is enough. If career politicians like my opponent won't even pass background checks or a ban on bump stocks or high-capacity magazines, who are they working for because they sure aren't working for us? I believe strongly in the Second Amendment, but that doesn't include killing machines like the ar-15. We must immediately renew the assault weapons ban, and you have my word, I'll never take a dime from the NRA. Some will say this is bad red state politics, but as a fourth-generation Nebraskan and a woman of faith, protecting kids from weapons designed to kill as many people as possible is worth risking an election over. I am Jane Raybould, and I approve this message.