Gwen Graham

Making a Difference - May 11, 2017

Gwen Graham
May 11, 2017
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Campaign status: Lost

VARIOUS NEWSCASTERS: Gwen Graham- Gwen Graham making a big announcement today- confirming her bid for governor- just announced her bid for governor- Glen Graham running for governor is more than just a legacy- she is an attorney, a wife, and mother.

GRAHAM: My love for Florida runs deep, but my patience- my patience for an action in this state that I love has run out. Yesterday, I followed in my father's footsteps and I did a workday right there at Carroll City Senior High. These kids are being so negatively impacted by the testing industry that has built up. It's an education industry that forced our kids to take 3.6 million standardized tests and have forced our teachers that work so hard to teach to those tests. For the current system of grading our schools, it is no longer grading, it is degrading. As governor, I will not just criticize the degrading culture, I will end it. Workdays are the best because you get to meet people and you really get to know them, and folks share with you joys and the challenges that they face in life.

NEWSCASTERS: Gwen Graham- She’s making quite a name for herself now in public service put in another one of her work days today- working alongside people in the community helping install solar panels.

GRAHAM: The love we all have begins and ends with our beautiful environment, so as governor I will ban fracking and I will fight oil drilling which threatens our coasts, our oceans, and our tourism economy. I think about Florida in terms of love: love for Florida's people, love for Florida's beauty, love for Florida's unique way of life. I really could care less about the title of governor. I would prefer to always be just Gwen, but what I do care about is being in a position where I can make a difference for Floridians and for the state that I love so much. But I still want- I still want everyone to just call me Gwen. I would much prefer that.