Gwen Graham

50th Workday at M.I.A. Beer Company - January 30, 2018

Gwen Graham
January 30, 2018
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GRAHAM: This is the conclusion of my 50th workday, the MIAA beer company. We started the day early learning how grains are mixed together to start the process of brewing a craft beer. I had an opportunity in the afternoon to actually serve some of the craft beer which was- which was wonderful and I got pretty good at it. It's all about tilting the glass properly, making sure not too much foam turns up at the top. I have learned so much about what is truly a booming new business here in Florida. I'm standing next to a gentleman who has done a few more than I have; he has done 408?

OWNER: Four hundred and eighty.

GRAHAM: Four hundred and eighty. Did you ever do one serving gator?

OWNER: No I never- I did lots of things- I never served gator, but I did the same experiences you did, not only can you learn a lot about how people earn their living and what businesses have potential for real growth in Florida, you learn a lot about how people live and that's so important for someone who's in leadership position like government.

GRAHAM: Workdays, I know you found this out, and certainly you learn a lot about the job that you're doing through the day, but more significantly for me are the people that you get to know and they become your friends and they’re people that you can then go back to if you're dealing with an issue in their lives. How is it really going to make a difference, positively hopefully or negatively, so that you can make the best decisions for the people that you have the opportunity to serve. That's a wrap on the 50th work day and I'm excited to see what 51 will hold. Thank you.