Michelle Lujan Grisham

New Beginning - December 13, 2016

Michelle Lujan Grisham
December 13, 2016
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Campaign status: Won

LUJAN GRISHAM: Hi, I’m Michelle Lujan Grisham and today I’m announcing the beginning of my campaign for governor of New Mexico. And I want to emphasize that that's what this can be: a new beginning. We all know the challenges we face in New Mexico; the second highest unemployment rate in the country, struggling schools, persistent poverty, and high addiction rates, and too many seniors and families who were afraid for their safety and feel left behind by the failed policies of the last six years.

New Mexicans are strong and resilient. I know this from the 12 generations of Lujans and Romeros in my family, but today, after too many years of being pushed backwards, it's no wonder why so many have given up on our state government. We won't solve our problems overnight, that’s why this is a beginning, but for the last six years with the governor who refused to acknowledge the problems even exist, we haven't been able to solve anything.

I've dedicated my life to bringing change to New Mexico. From my years at the Department of Aging fighting for nursing home reform, then as a single mom serving as Secretary of Health, to my years in Congress where I've saved jobs at UNMH and Kirtland Air Force Base. I've battled the VA and the Social Security Administration so veterans and seniors are treated with dignity and respect and I'm working to pass a Care Corps initiative that supports family caregivers who help seniors and people with disabilities live independently at home.

When it comes to standing up for people who are being hurt or taken advantage of, I'll never stop fighting and I never give up. But to take on this challenge of turning our state around, I need your help. New Mexico is a place of enormous potential in our economy, our schools, our people, and our culture. We need to harness that potential and bring thousands of people together to achieve real and lasting change. We can do this and I've been humbled by those of you who have asked me to run for governor.

I will work every day of this campaign to earn your trust your support and your vote you can go to my website, NewMexicansForMichelle.com and sign up today to learn more about how you can make a difference. This will be your campaign and together we will build a New Mexico worthy of our past and ready for all our tomorrows. Thank you and God bless New Mexico.