Kelli Ward

Pretender Martha McSally - January 12, 2018

Kelli Ward
January 12, 2018
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Campaign status: Lost

ANNOUNCER: Martha McSally is ready to abandon her congressional seat, which will likely be handed over to the democrats. Hoping to climb the political ladder, McSally is pretending to be an ally of President Trump, but the truth is, McSally has been a never Trumper from the start. She insulted candidate Trump's proposals during the election calling them ridiculous and hateful talk. McSally questioned Trump's character refusing to endorse him and leaving open the possibility of voting for Hillary Clinton. After his inauguration, McSally continued to undermine our president, criticizing his cabinet pics, and even blaming him for making her job harder. McSally also calls president Trump's tweets troubling distractions. Worst of all, McSally supported amnesty and opposed the president's biggest campaign promise building the border wall. If you liked Jeff Flake, you'll love Pretender Martha McSally. Paid for by Kelli Ward for Senate Inc.