Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor for Governor - July 17, 2017

Mary Taylor
July 17, 2017
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Campaign status: Lost

TAYLOR: Look around today. Look at TV, look on Facebook, the battle is being waged for the heart and soul of our country. My motto in life is you get where you have the courage to seek. We have the courage to fight for a new direction in Ohio. After tax-and-spend politicians almost destroyed our state, we put hard work resilience and conservative principles to work, and we proved that we didn't have to settle for the status quo. In Ohio we're innovating, building, growing, but we must be self-reliant. Washington won't solve our problems. I've been asked many times how did you get involved in politics. Started with a local private property rights issue; because of that I got involved on city council, I was later elected to the Ohio House of Representatives where I can tell you within my first couple months of serving in the legislature, I was asked by my Republican party to support a tax increase. Well guess what? That's not why I came to Columbus, so I voted against my party, I voted against the budget, and I voted against the tax increase. Because of that I was kicked off of several very important committees. The status quo has never been acceptable to me, but there is more work to do.