Kim Reynolds

21st Century Education - Oct. 3, 2017

Kim Reynolds
October 03, 2017
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Campaign status: Won

REYNOLDS: Education is the key to making sure that our students are prepared in a global knowledge-based economy, and so it's so important that we have a strong public education system so that we're collectively working together to make sure that when our students leave high school they're either ready for a job or they're ready for higher education and a good education will open the doors to whatever future they may have. So we can have- make sure that they have the basic foundation then the world is theirs. If we can expose them to the opportunities especially the opportunities that exist in Iowa that helps them find where their passion is, it helps them be more excited about education, it helps them be more excited about their future, and I think then they're successful when they're coming at it from that perspective. Internships have been a big role in this and again it's getting kids exposed to the opportunities and helping them find what they love and have a passion for.