Wendy Long

New York Oath Keepers Awards Dinner - June 14, 2016

Wendy Long
June 14, 2016— Albany, New York
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Chivalry is alive, thank you very much for that escort. I'm not one of the short speakers though in these four-inch heels, I have to say. Thank you, John, it is really my great- great honor to be with you all tonight and to be with Sheriff David Clarke who I had the honor of meeting in person about a month ago with his wonderful wife, Julie, who sadly is not here tonight give Julie our best sheriff and we really miss her. I met him at the gathering the dinner of another fine institution, Hillsdale College, which exists [applause] an institution a lot like the oath keepers whose mission is to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, an educational institution that doesn't accept any federal money. Sheriff Clark- Clark talked to them and it was a great- great evening and wonderful to meet him there.

I want to thank John Faso who's now gone but a great, great man a great candidate for his remarks. Thank you Stewart roads for founding this whole this whole organization and John for your nice reference to my contract with New York. I am running against one of the greatest enemies of the Constitution, Chuck Schumer in the United States Senate. He's an enemy not only of the Second Amendment which you know of course everyone knows he's the face of the anti-second amendment movement, which by the way is in great peril.

I don’t know if you saw a few days ago but the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that there- the right to keep and bear arms doesn't include the right to bear arms. They just kind of thought they could excise that little part, but the second amendments in grave danger as is the rest of the Constitution as you all know, and as John said I did work for Justice Clarence Thomas and he was one of my inspirations to do what I'm doing now. He told me a couple things that led me to do this because I've never held public office. I was a practicing attorney, a full-time mother, a homeschooler. When my parents died, he said Wendy go out and live your life in honor of them, and I know we're all living our life or trying to in honor of the people that gave us the very free air that we breathe. The people who founded this country and looked around at each other and said they pledge to each other their lives their fortunes and their sacred honor.

So it's partly in honor of my parents, in honor of all those people who gave us what we got to be here today. The other thing is, he said recently in fact at Hillsdale College, the founders and all the people who spilled blood and given their treasure in their lives to bring this country to this point have built up deposits in a great sort of Bank of Liberty and a whole lot of people are drawing down on those deposits now. And not that many people are putting deposits in. I know everybody in this room is putting deposits into that Bank of Liberty. He said people keep drawing from it and not many people put it back in. Eventually, that Bank of Liberty runs dry.

So I just wanted to put- put some deposits back in and fight Chuck Schumer. Yeah, stand up for the constitution, for the Second Amendment in all. [applause] But I need your help, so if everybody in this room if you could, I’m not going to take your time with that Ten Point contract that that John referred to, but if you would go to my website it's wendylong.com you can read it.

One of the planks is to preserve the Second Amendment, the whole Constitution but it's something I take very seriously, and it's my contract with New Yorkers it's my oath and Chuck Schumer hasn't taken such an oath. In fact, he's just basically detracted from the Constitution. He's been a lifetime politician, he's been there for four decades, and I think that our Constitution, our economy, our rights, everything have suffered during the time he's been there and it's time for him to go. I really need your help and I'd love it if you would visit my website and support me and I thank you so much for being here with you tonight.