Wendy Long

Conservative Party of New York Presidential Reception - September 9, 2016

Wendy Long
September 09, 2016— New York City
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Thank you, Jim, thank you very much. You know, I have been noticing lately the different effects that lying can have on different people. You know, for some we know that their noses grow, like Pinocchio, others sweat profusely, and others just start coughing uncontrollably. But uh I don't hear any coughing here in this room and you know what that means two things: one nobody here is a liar and number two nobody here is allergic to Donald Trump that's really good.

Seriously, as a Reagan conservative since my college days and a staunch believer in the principles and the policies of the New York Conservative Party, I've supported Donald J Trump from the very beginning, from before the beginning. [applause] And you know, some- some of my fellow conservatives couldn't understand. I lost friends over it, I lost staff over it, but it was he who actually inspired me to jump into this US Senate race against Chuck Schumer, and, you know, great leaders do that; they inspire others.

Like Donald Trump, I saw what was happening to our great country and I felt like I had no choice. Our nominee speaks to the American people in their capacity as citizens. They can be any race or religion, but they must in accepting the freedom and the protection that our nation provides, take on the obligations and the duties of citizenship. The whole notion sounds vaguely outdated too many ears, particularly those in the media and the political elites. We hear a lot these days about what everyone is entitled to especially what political correctness dictates we must say or do, but our nominee speaks to us as individuals, as citizens of the greatest country the world has ever known. And he wants to conserve the freedom and greatness of that country, and that I submit to you ladies and gentlemen, is the most conservative and the best work that can be done by anyone in this day in this country.

Thank you.