Kathy Szeliga

Primary Ad - March 24, 2016

Kathy Szeliga
March 24, 2018
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Campaign status: Won

SZELIGA: Hi, my name is Kathy Szeliga, and I want to be your next United States Senator in the great state of Maryland. People ask me why I'm running and I tell them one reason: her name is Avery

15 months ago, our baby granddaughter was born, and I couldn't stop asking myself what kind of world are we leaving for our children and grandchildren? Rather than complaining, I've decided I need to do exactly what I've been doing in Annapolis as a delegate, and that's to roll up my sleeves and bring some real change to Washington DC. If there's one thing that both Republicans and Democrats can agree on, it’s that Washington is broken. Career politicians and Washington insiders have stopped working for the people they're supposed to represent. Instead, they're only working to increase their own power and wealth. Meanwhile, Maryland families are suffering.

If we want real change in Washington, we can't send another career politician or DC insider to fix it. They're the ones that made this mess. Career politicians are part of the problem, and i am going to be part of the solution.

The federal government's one-size-fits-all approach to education in this country is failing our kids. As a former teacher, one of my top priorities is reforming our education system so that our children are prepared for the current job market. We need people in the trades: people in law enforcement, people in the military just as much as we need doctors and teachers. That's exactly how we can boost our economy.

As a Maryland small business owner, I understand the tools business leaders and job creators need to get the people of Maryland back to work. I am a true Marylander, a wife, a mother, a very proud grandmother, and a Maryland small business owner. I'm asking for your support and your vote and to be your next United States Senator. Thank you.