Iveta Radicova

International Women's Day - March 7, 2015

Iveta Radicova
March 07, 2015— Berlin, Germany
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Dear friends, I am here only to say three sentences. First, I am here to say you- I am your friend and I want to support you and help us. My grandmother has no human rights at all. No right to vote, no political rights, no civic rights, nothing. She was subhuman and survived during Second World War. My mother faced totalitarian regime during communism and I was the first Prime Minister of the Democratic Slovak Republic. [applause] My daughter is facing freedom, peace, democracy- democracy, and human rights, and I am proud. We are not giving the lives to our children. They are killed by fundamentalists. We are not giving the life to our children to be imprisoned because of stupidity of dictators, and we are not giving the life to our children they'll live as a slaves. We are giving the life to have human dignity and rights like human beings. [applause] Madam Radicova, thank you, what you are doing I am proud to that I can say this sentence; First of all, friends, we cannot see the beauty of the world through the tears in our eyes, and friends, we are not the shadows of insecure men like pas. We are the human beings and the future for security and happy for all of us, believe me we are.