Sheila Simon

Illinois Marriage Equality Signing - November 20, 2013

Sheila Simon
November 20, 2013— Chicago, Illinois
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Good afternoon everyone! As uh as a mother of two daughters, as a wife of 26 years to Perry Nope, I am a proud Illinoisan today. Many thanks to all sorts of people, governor thanks to you for being a leader on this historic legislation and in doing the final act to get it into law. Thanks to the legislature, the house, and the Senate and particularly to Heather and Greg for all of your work for getting this done. [applause] And they deserve lots of credit, but there's lots of people here who deserve credit just as much. Thanks to all of you who organized who wrote letters and postcards who made phone calls and thanks to those of you who didn't even do that but who did important things in your office place where you put up the picture of the whole family on your desk. Thanks to those who with your partner are singing in the church choir, thanks to the two moms who bring their daughter to soccer practice, thanks to everyone in the state of Illinois for making this a land that we can be all proud of. It's time to stop planning rallies and start planning weddings. Congratulations.