Carol Molnau

MCCL Anti-Abortion Rally - January 22, 2010

Carol Molnau
January 22, 2010— Minneapolis, Minnesota
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First of all, thank you for all being here. Thank you for being the voice of those tiny little ones that can't speak. Thank you all for being here. As a mother of three, I know that every one of those little lives is a person even though the polls tell us that almost half the people in this country don't believe that that's a human being. That's a sad thing, but as a mother of three, I can tell you I heard that little heartbeat, I felt those little tender kicks, and I know that that unborn child, even though the doctors and the ultrasounds didn't see it, I know that child had a soul. [applause]

So you're all here today to be that voice, and you keep that voice strong for that small child wherever they are that has does not have that voice. There are tons of things you could have been doing today, and some of you are going to get back on to them when you leave here, but for right now you are that voice for that small child. [applause] We all have a part to play. We're all going to take action, we're going to do the phone calls, we’re going to let people know we're going to do what we're doing here today in being that voice. We're very blessed to have this many people from all over the great state of Minnesota who really, really appreciate and understand life and life as it is before you're born, so thank you so much for being here. Thank you for being part of this wonderful- I'm- time together here at the Capitol where we can share those concerns, and God will bless you all and God can continue to bless the state of Minnesota in this great country. So thank you all for being here.