Valdez “Val” Demings

Democratic National Convention Speech - July 28, 2016

Valdez “Val” Demings
July 28, 2016— Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Democratic National Convention 2016
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My name is Val Demings and I'm running for Congress in the great state of Florida. I spent 27 years on the Orlando Police Force and had the honor of serving as Orlando's first woman chief of police. I know firsthand the tragedy that gun violence inflicts on families in America, and after 49 people were murdered in a nightclub in Orlando last month, let me tell you, our city takes it personally that Congress refuses to disarm hate. You don't need to be a police chief to know that our communities are less safe when criminals and suspected terrorists can walk into a gun shop or gun show and leave with a weapon. On issue after issue it's the leadership of women that makes a stronger America. With Hillary Clinton in the White House and these strong house Democratic women, together with women and families all across our nation, we will show the world what this statement really means. When women succeed, America succeeds. Thank you.