Grace Meng

Democratic National Convention Address - July 27, 2016

Grace Meng
July 27, 2016— Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Democratic National Convention 2016
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I'm congresswoman Grace Meng from New York [applause] the first Asian-American elected to Congress from the East Coast and I support Hillary Clinton because she is the best candidate to bring Americans together and move our country forward. This election is so important and Asian Americans Pacific Islanders can make the difference. Our voting power has doubled over the last decade. We are now the swing vote in swing states like Virginia, Nevada, and also right here in Pennsylvania, and I call upon my fellow AAPI's to organize, to campaign, and to vote, so that we will be the margin of victory in 2016 and beyond. As our community begins and continues to grow and as we begin to see more API candidates like Raja Krishnamurthy from Illinois and Stephanie Murphy from Florida begin to run for higher office it is critical that we elect a person who will make history for America and build a brighter future for generations to come and that person is Hillary Clinton.