Deborah Ross

What's Wrong with Washington - Sep.16, 2016

Deborah Ross
September 16, 2016
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Campaign status: Lost

CLIP OF RICHARD BURR FROM 2005: It’s important that we reemphasize: this debate is about principle. Giving judges, or judicial nominees, the vote that they deserve—the vote the American people deserve. All judicial nominations, regardless of party, receive that up or down courtesy of a vote in the United States Senate. Each one of us campaigned on this issue, and our constituents in the states that we represent will hold us accountable.

SCREEN TEXT: That was then. This is now...

INTERVIEWER, IN 2016: What’s your justification for the Senate not moving forward with President Obama’s nomination, whoever that is?

BURR: There will be no hearing for a nominee, and there will be no vote for nominee.

SCREEN TEXT: This is what is wrong with Washington.