Martha McSally

WASP - Sep. 8, 2016

Martha McSally
September 08, 2016
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Campaign status: Won

ERIN MILLER: My grandmother served in World War II in the Women Airforce Service Pilots. They were just very proud to be able to serve their country. She passed away last year. She wanted to have hear ashes places at Arlington National Cemetery. We were denied. My grandmother’s service was not recognized because they were women, and I wanted to make sure that her last wishes were granted. Martha McSally stepped forward to help us. Being in the military, flying airplanes, she was so passionate about our issue. She said this position the Army has taken is ridiculous, and we’re going to fix it. House Resolution 4336 is the bill that Martha McSally introduced so that my grandmother and the other women of the WASP would be eligible for Arlington National Cemetery. My grandmother’s gonna get what she deserves. Martha McSally took this issue on as if she was fighting for her own grandmother. She’s setting a standard for how all Congress people should be measured.

MCSALLY: I’m Martha McSally, and I approve this message.