Ann Kirkpatrick

Uniquely Arizona - Sep. 23, 2016

Ann Kirkpatrick
September 23, 2016
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Campaign status: Lost

ANNOUNCER #1: It’s a story of two candidates.

ANNOUNCER #2: John McCain has been in Washington for 33 years,

ANNOUNCER #1: Ann Kirkpatrick has taken a term limit pledge.

ANNOUNCER #2: McCain bailed out Wall Street. Now the big banks give him millions.

ANNOUNCER #1: Ann opposed the bailouts.

ANNOUNCER #2: McCain’s bill could jeopardize women’s health coverage, like access to cancer screenings and contraceptives.

ANNOUNCER #1: Ann always supports women’s health.

ANNOUNCER #2: McCain’s story: too long in Washington

ANNOUNCER #1: Ann’s story: uniquely Arizona.

KIRKPATRICK: I’m Ann Kirkpatrick, and I approve this message.