Maggie Hassan

Trash - Aug. 23, 2016

Maggie Hassan
August 23, 2016
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Campaign status: Won

ANNOUNCER: Funded by Kelly Ayotte’s special-interest backers, the ads attacking Maggie Hassan on the heroin crisis have been called ‘despicable’, ‘a vile smear’, and ‘trash’. The truth […]

DAVID DUBOIS: Maggie has been hands-on working with local police and community organizations.

ANNOUNCER: Working across the aisle to secure millions in emergency funding for treatment and recovery.

SUSAN MCKEOWN: Maggie Hassan.

MARK MITCHELL: To Governor Hassan, I know is about people and families.

SUSAN MCKEOWN: She’s putting the families of New Hampshire first.

HASSAN: I’m Maggie Hassan, and I approve this message.