Kelly Ayotte

Summer - Aug. 25, 2016

Kelly Ayotte
August 25, 2016
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Campaign status: Lost

ANNOUNCER: It's been a summer of smears. Granite Staters are seeing more than 10 million dollars in false, negative ads attacking Kelly Ayotte and bracing for the most negative Senate campaign ever. Because Maggie Hassan opened the floodgates for tens of millions in out-of-state negative attacks. Hassan refused Kelly's offer to sign the Bipartisan People's Pledge - the exact same pledge signed by previous candidates. So out-of-state groups are spending a fortune falsely attacking Kelly. The truth, Kelly voted to strengthen Social Security and Medicare. She voted multiple times to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists. And Kelly reaches across the aisle to fight for good-paying New Hampshire jobs, and to protect our clean air and water. No wonder Kelly has been named one of the most bipartisan senators and called a problem solver by independent groups. Don't let a summer of smears confuse you. Kelly Ayotte is an independent voice for New Hampshire.

AYOTTE: I'm Kelly Ayotte, candidate for Senate, and I approve this message.

ANNOUNCER: Paid for by friends of Kelly Ayotte.