Wendy Long

Senate campaign announcement video - Apr 24, 2016

Wendy Long
April 24, 2016
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This is an election year unlike any we've ever seen before. We the people are standing up against the politics of the status quo and against the corruption and cronyism of career politicians in Washington.

Parents used to be able to tell their kids if you work hard and are honest and you're a good friend and neighbor, you will live the American Dream.

But all around New York, I hear people saying, "I don't even recognize our country any more." They sit at their kitchen tables and wonder how to cover crushing expenses – healthcare, college tuition, taking care of an elderly loved one.

Taxes and federal spending go up while wages, good jobs, and the quality of public education go down.

America is diminished as terrorists infiltrate our borders. Our citizens are disarmed and our military's weakened.

Political correctness makes it hard to call Islamic terror by its name.

For selfish ends, politicians accuse us of bigotry and divide us against one another.

Our leaders turn a blind eye to genocide in the Middle East, even though we vowed, "Never again."

Little wonder that most of us today think our kids won't have as good a life as we did.

I'm Wendy Long. I'm a New Yorker, a wife, mother and attorney.

America has given me so much. I was blessed with great, hard-working parents and I had a rare opportunity to learn from some of the best about what makes our country great. I clerked for one of them at the U.S. Supreme Court.

I believe in real New York values, individual freedom, hard work, personal responsibility, strong families, generosity to our fellow citizens and love for our neighbors. I'm running for the United States Senate to bring those values back.

Ronald Reagan said government is supposed to be the people's servant, not its master. We've got to put government back in its place and let free people and free markets create opportunity and prosperity for all, not just the privileged few.

And right now, in 2016, there's an energy I've never seen to reclaim our freedoms and the limited self-government our Constitution gives us.