Hillary Rodham Clinton

Roxie - Sep. 23, 2016

Hillary Rodham Clinton
September 23, 2016
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Campaign status: Lost

INTERVIEWER: Are you rich and powerful? Do you have a business conglomerate?

ROXIE HURLBURT: Nothing, no. I mean, I'm a retired dairy farmer. Hillary was campaigning for Senate and she flew in to Watertown, New York, into the airport there. Here's the First Lady, and she's in Watertown? This is Republican country. That was my first thought. And then when we got there to meet her, it was like, I'm gonna vote for this lady. We never saw a Democrat up here. She spent a lot of time upstate. Never had that before.

INTERVIEWER: Had you always voted Republican before you met her?

HURLBURT: Yeah. I have. And I haven't voted Republican since I met her. You had confidence then that she'd do what she said she was going to do. She just broadcast confidence in herself, and to me that's what it takes. If you don't have confidence enough to start it, you're never gonna get anything done. It's like us buying this business. I talked nine farmers into putting $40,000 a piece in to buy this store, and I could relate to her like that. I thought, you know what, this woman, I want to ride with her. The best thing she ever did was bring back New York Farm Days to Washington. This whole product that we're doing, the wine ice cream, would never have happened if we hadn't had New York Farm Days. Wine ice cream has never been done before. It hasn't been done again since. She gave us confidence that it could happen. She promotes us everywhere. She has been instrumental in making our business a success. We've been invited places that we wouldn't all because of her willingness to showcase us. The whole thing is like we've been friends for all our lives. "I understand that my staff enjoyed—and I DO mean enjoyed—once again Mercer's a la port ice cream."

CLINTON: Oh, how are you doing?

HURLBURT: I'm doing great, thanks to you.

STAFF MEMBER: She brought ice cream too for all of us!

HURLBURT: She makes any person she meets feel like you're the only person in the room. Makes you feel good.

INTERVIEWER: Why do you think she's kept up her interest in this?

HURLBURT: I guess it's because she feels connected to us. Her drive is to see what happens when you help someone else get to where they want to be. She gives us hope for the future. She's our girl.