Elizabeth Warren

Remarks Stumping for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire - Oct. 24, 2016

Elizabeth Warren
October 24, 2016— Manchester, New Hampshire
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Warren gave this speech at Saint Anselm College.

Hello, New Hampshire. Hello! I love coming to New Hampshire. You know, this is like getting to hang out with your next-door neighbors. It’s true. We have more -- Nora Healy and Katherine Clark here from now should use it -- Massachusetts. Hanging out with our neighbors. I've been traveling all around the country for Hillary Clinton and our senate candidates. I've been to Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. It is good to be in a place where I can say, go pats!

It really is great to be in New Hampshire. It is great to be in the home state of my dear friend, and your senior senator, Jeanne Shaheen. It is great to be in the state that is going to send Carol Shea-Porter and Annie Custer to the U.S. Congress. It is great to be in the state that is going to elect, Colin Van Houston and as the next governor. It is great to be in the state that is going to send Maggie Hassan to the United States Senate. Just one more. It is great to be in the state that is going to send Hillary Clinton to the White House. That’s why we are here.

Ok. I just want to be official here. I'm with her. Are you with her?

We are here today with someone who gets up every single day, and fights for us. Someone who has spent her life fighting for children, spent her life fighting for women, spent her life fighting for families, fighting for health care, fighting for human rights, fighting for a level playing field, fighting for those who need us most. Hillary Clinton fights for us. It is time for us to fight for Hillary.

I want to talk for just a minute about values. I grew up in a family that didn't have much. My daddy sold fencing and carpeting, ended up as a maintenance man. After he had a heart attack, my mom worked a minimum wage job at sears to keep our family above water. All three of my brothers went into the military. Me, I just wanted to be a teacher. All my life, I wanted to be a teacher. Can we hear it for America’s teachers? I had the calling early on. I used to line up my dollies and teach school. It was tough.

My parents would have given me anything they could, but they just didn't have the money to send me to college. The only way I could get to be a teacher was if I ended up at a commuter college that costs $50 a semester. It opened a million doors for me. The way I see it, I’m the daughter of a maintenance man, who ended up as a United States Senator. Hillary Clinton is the daughter of a factory worker, granddaughter of a factory worker. And she's going to be elected president. We believe in that America. That is the America we fight for.

We believe, but we are worried. Worried that those opportunities are slipping away. In fact, a lot of America is worried. Worried and angry. Angry that far too often, Washington works for those at the top, and leaves everyone else behind. For 30 years now, republicans have pushed trickledown economics. They've done one thing -- they have helped the rich and powerful get richer and more powerful. They have stepped on the faces of everyone else who is trying to get a fighting chance to succeed. Donald trump a good game about how the game is rigged. Let's be clear. Donald trump is right. The game is rigged. It is rigged for guys like Donald trump. And I say it is time to fight back. Maggie says it is time to fight back, Hillary says it is time to fight back.

We start our fight right here on college campuses. Education builds opportunity, but not if people are getting crushed by student loan debt. Right now, it is a one-two punch. The high cost of college, and the high cost of student loans. The federal government is making billions of dollars in profits off the backs of our students. It is obscene to make money off people who are trying to get an education but I want to be clear on this. We know where Kelly Ayotte stands. She voted against refinancing your student loans. And Donald Trump, we know where he stands on higher education. Colleges need more money to bring down the cost of tuition. His plan is to get rid of all federal student loans, abolish the whole department of education. His plan is to set up another state university, cut out the middleman, and cheap the students directly himself. -- cheat the students directly himself. That is why we fight back.

College alone is reason enough to get out and vote. It is reason enough to get out and volunteer. Hillary and Maggie and I are determined to make debt-free college the law of this land. We are determined to refinance that $1.3 trillion in student loan debt. Help us do that. Help elect Hillary and Maggie, so that we can make college a pathway of opportunity. Not just for rich kids, but for all of our kids.

Look, we want to build an America that is going to work. But that isn't going to happen with Donald Trump. Donald Trump cheered on the 2008 financial crash, so he could scoop up real estate on the cheap. He stiffed small business owners, plumbers and painters and construction workers, when he built his casinos and golf courses. And Donald Trump disrespects, aggressively disrespects, more than half the human beings in this country. He thinks that because he has money, that he can call women fat pigs and bimbos. He thinks because he is a celebrity that he can rate women's bodies from one to 10. He thinks because he has a mouthful of tick tax that he can't force himself on any woman within groping distance. I have news for you, Donald Trump, women have had it with guys like you.

And nasty women have really had it with guys like you.

Get this, nasty women are smart. Nasty women vote.

On November 8, we nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever.

For more than a year, Donald Trump has made headlines almost every day. And where has Senator Kelly Ayotte been? Donald Trump called Latinos murderers and rapists. Kelly Ayotte stuck with him. He called African-Americans thugs, and Kelly stuck with him. Donald Trump attacked a gold star family. Kelly Ayotte stuck with them. Donald Trump praised Vladimir Putin. Kelly stuck with him. Donald Trump even attacked Kelly Ayotte and called her weak, and Kelly stuck with him.

During a debate a couple of weeks ago when she called Donald Trump a role model for kids, you cannot believe this. But now, Donald Trump is not doing so well, and Kelly is running as fast as she can away from him. I will say one thing. Donald Trump sure has made Kelly Ayotte -- day one she loves him, day two, she stays with him, she spends round and round. One thing about the people of New Hampshire you value guts. , you make the right decision and stick with it. Donald Trump is right. Kelly is weak. That is why a tough, smart fighter like Governor Maggie Hassan is going to win on November 8.

I love being here with smart, tough women. With Hillary, Maggie, carol. With Annie. And with friends of women. Colin.

Just look at Hillary’s history. She's been on the receiving end of one terrible right-wing attack after another for 25 years. But she has never backed down. She does not whine. She does not run to twitter at 3 a.m. To call her opponents losers or dummies. She does not even cry that the election is rigged. Hillary gets up every day and keeps on fighting. Fighting for children, fighting for women, fighting for families, fighting for health care fighting for human rights.

All right. So we are with her. , there are two things we have to do. First, we have to vote. New Hampshire has same-day registration at your polling locations, so no excuses. Go to iwillvote.com. Make a plan now. Cast your vote for carol, Colin, Annie Maggie, and Hillary. , are you going to do that?

Second, do more than vote. Volunteer. Democracy needs you. You can knock on doors, make phone calls, monitor the polls, lawyers can help. Everybody. If you have any time over the next 15 days, please volunteer. You can go to Hillary clinton.com. You can go to maggiehassan.com. I guarantee we will use your, time. We will use it well. Please make this investment in democracy. Get out there and volunteer. We need you on this

It is so good for all of us to be here. This is fabulous. The way i see it, what elections are about, they ultimately come down to our values. It is not about one person or one candidate. It is about a movement. It is about a strong, powerful movement to make real change in this country. The kinds of change that we make together. Since we are here together, let us remind ourselves why we get up in the morning, why we work hard all day, and why we are still working late at night. Because of what we believe. We believe that every person should be able to get a college education without getting crushed by student loan debt. That means refinancing student loans and debt free college.

We believe that no one should work full-time and live in poverty. That means raising the minimum wage. And we will fight for it

We believe that workers should be able to organize for better pay, better working conditions. Unions built America’s middle class and will rebuild America’s middle class. We believe that after a lifetime of hard work, people are entitled to retire with dignity. That means protecting and expanding social security, and we will do it

You know, you may have heard Wells Fargo cheated tens of thousands of people. Giant banks brought down our economy. We believe in tough rules, real accountability, and if a CEO breaks the law, they ought to go to jail just like anyone else.

Some police are controversial. -- beliefs are controversial. I want to throw this one out there. We believe in science.

We believe that climate change is real. We have a moral obligation to protect this earth for our children and our grandchildren and our grandchildren's grandchildren. Yes. Boy, I cannot believe i have to say this in 2016. We believe in equal pay for equal work and a woman's right to decisions for her own body. Yes.

We believe that equal means equal. That is true in marriage, in the workplace, it is true for every place. We will fight for equality for all of our people.

You know, Donald Trump calls African-Americans thugs, he calls Muslims terrorists. He calls Latinos criminals. He brags about sexually assaulting women. We believe that racism and sexism and bigotry have no place in our country. We believe that black lives matter, and that we will build Donald Trump's stupid wall

We believe diversity makes us strong.

You do know I could do this all day. But we have a great speaker here. I'm going to do one more, and then I’m going to quit. We believe that millionaires and billionaires and giant corporations should not be able to buy our elections and our politicians. Corporations are not people. We will overturn citizens united and bring democracy back to the people

This is Hillary’s agenda. This is Maggie’s agenda. This is Colin and Annie and carol's agenda. It is a progressive agenda. It is a New Hampshire agenda. It is an American agenda.

Hillary is ready to fight for us. Are you ready to fight for Hillary? Then let's welcome to the stage, Hillary Clinton, our next president of the United States.